Illustration, Video Game

Game design and interactional design. Final project for my Masters at HEAD

What do you need to know about this game:

« Ora’s world has been messed up! The Sun rises and sets whenever it wants and now, nobody can keep track of time. Help Eur to set things right by interacting with characters and listening to their plights. Use your smartphone, Gather clues to solve puzzles! »

Main characteristics

– Horizontal puzzle and exploration game made for tablets and smartphones

– You play as Eur, daughter of time and tamer of the sun to help the inhabitants to solve their problems

– Explore Ora’s world where environments and interactions are affected by passing time

– Through unique actions, find how to unlock each phase in order to allow Eur to go back home and take back control of the situation


– The game is made of 12 scenes

– Each hour, one scene out of the twelve becomes accessible, as others close

– The player can wander in the entire game no matter if it’s day or night, but only the scenes currently in « day time » will be active and will allow interaction to unlock the enigma

– Dialogues, scenery and characters are affected by the time change

– Characters, once unlocked, can move from one scene to another

– Solutions are not only « in » the game

– To end the game, you must gather all twelve parts of the sun, given to you by the twelve characters


Cat is bored and wants to play because he has too much time on his hands. He needs to be busy doing something. So, to spice up his days a little bit (as well as the inhabitants of Ora) – he « generously » pushed Eur, daughter of time and tamer of the sun, out of the sky. The burning star, now free, doesn’t want to rise and set anymore. Eur will need to help all the inhabitants to gather all the parts of the sun and go back home.

Chouette Nature

Illustration, Non classé

Illustrations for an exposition with the association « Chouette Nature »

This festival was created with a goal to inspire young minds with thematics such as Faunas and Floras, Waste Management, Environmental Protection, Local Trade and the pleasure of outdoor activities

By offering free entry, numerous families have the possibility to discover and learn about ecology as well as strengthen personal bonds through a journey full of playful and funny activities 




Illustration, game design and interactional design for « Darklight »

Started during my Masters at HEAD with Jessica Friedling and Valérie Pierrehumbert.  

We took this project and participated in « hitsplaytime » – a gamejam competition made for students – and won a « ProHelvetia » grant

DarkLight is a pixel art runner adventure story where the only way for the player to defend themselves and keep moving forward in the game is to use the light. The adventure evolves around the main character Lugh in a magical world where he has to save his witch grandmother Maralla from her evil boyfriend Dracula89 and his monsters. Lonely Maralla decides to find the love of her life on a blind date website where she meets Dracula89. She quickly falls head over heels in love with him for his charms to the point of doing evil as he seduces her with his sweet words. Throughout the story, Lugh, the protagonist, has to go through the mission of saving his grandmother and the world from the evil dracula with the help of his magic lamp.