Graphic Design

Creation of the logo for the association « Asgard ». They already had an existing one but we wanted to refresh the look and give it a sharper appearance. I kept the original design idea as it was mandatory (the orange helmet) and recreated a new shape using circles. Once this step was completed, I wanted to join the « gaming » side in a subtle way by using a controller hidden in the image to add details while keeping an effective shape

Lucky Bird

Graphic Design

Creation of the logo for my second online shop « Lucky Bird ». Mainly selling handmade illustrations and cute items, I wanted my logo to keep a roundy and funny shape while remaining elegant a easy to read.

Drawing conclusions

Graphic Design

Starting with the idea of « mistake is human », we taught about what would happened if, this time, it was the machine that committed mistakes

Project lead by Jürg Lehni and Joël Vacheron. In collaboration With Mélissa Pisler and Saskia Vellas

Paleo mapping

Graphic Design

Mapping project made for the Paleo festival – a music festival in Switzerland – on the theme « Arabian night and nomade cities » in collaboration with Jéromine Beuchat and Melissa Pisler

Montréal en lumière

Graphic Design, Illustration, Media Design

Illustration and interactional design for the swiss presentation during « Montreal en Lumières »

Made during my Masters at HEAD with Saskia Vellas, Karen Liemur and Jessye Fuster

Our project won the contest and as a result, we were afforded the opportunity to travel to Canada and display our idea at « Montreal en Lumières ».

Turn the magic mechanical key and see how the four seasons change. But be careful, if you do not use it, this little world will turn itself off