Illustration, game design and interactional design for « Darklight »

Started during my Masters at HEAD with Jessica Friedling and Valérie Pierrehumbert.  

We took this project and participated in « hitsplaytime » – a gamejam competition made for students – and won a « ProHelvetia » grant

DarkLight is a pixel art runner adventure story where the only way for the player to defend themselves and keep moving forward in the game is to use the light. The adventure evolves around the main character Lugh in a magical world where he has to save his witch grandmother Maralla from her evil boyfriend Dracula89 and his monsters. Lonely Maralla decides to find the love of her life on a blind date website where she meets Dracula89. She quickly falls head over heels in love with him for his charms to the point of doing evil as he seduces her with his sweet words. Throughout the story, Lugh, the protagonist, has to go through the mission of saving his grandmother and the world from the evil dracula with the help of his magic lamp.